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moon mooloolaba. it's six one
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what she knew was with brian got some of the chevron bp a lot. i reach for her to go before the raucous environment committee next tuesday. senior executives will face questions over the fifty million euro pains to outside consultants. this is a runaway train. that is our control. the cost of which would be borne by the this time next year when the cats are forced into the door. i'm anger to war with the amount of money spent by irish water. a total disgrace. the fifty million and his friends. my jury investigation is underway in county waterford following the death of a twenty five euro. michael moore has the attitude toward the later died in hospital. don't want to own them. chelsea couldn't go to ireland political leader. dr ian paisley
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government bombings trial. we are to focus light of the border. there are those to keep the ball. i got to take. father spoke to her store at these and hundreds of acres of farmland under watering can i have none and all of the mohawk and the commitment and advice the cover. you do. beattie's meantime welcome to six one senior executives of the state owned company irish watch her art to appear before the raucous environment committee next tuesday to answer questions about the payment of fifteen million euro to outside consultants. chairman of the committee michael mccarthy said they wanted to establish exactly how the fees were spent and if
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they represented value for money. the minister for the environment for hope in projected opposition criticism of the payments saying the establishment of arch water is a long time and within budget the bill officially returns next week but a political storm has already erupted after revelations over or tv you yet take the irish border has paid and fifty million euro in consultancy fees. this is our runaway train. that is out of control. the cost of which would be borne by the this time next year when the cats are forced into the door which is not accepted. what's happened here is an arsonist on the winter months are flying boat purity of control it using a blank check to mourn the dead people pay to enter the property taxes no beans to line the pockets of consultants and it was pressured to the old days and irish war shake the kids to come before the parole commission. it's very important. john tierney and other senior managers who are paid to manage come for
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the puppet and squishy i can at least undermining the cia diary entry before accusing any organization of waste of money. this was an article in the rann government if they didn't waste hundreds of millions of your of the four and the kids to just arrived at the office. look at government backbencher point to keep linking and that the methodist minister should take charge me the suit. it would be good. but the dr it too but that didn't play to consider places. minister and minister for the empowerment and hope it was and today seemed keen on to stir the contents of people the amount of money spent the amount of money over the short to be coherent we're going to be a total twenty requests it has to go
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and get a definition but it won't open it it is to open due to the members of the peak of the bsp. all these sizzling now the pope went on a visual treat it just cool before the environment conditions on tuesday. nineteen if it's your answer or team used its contents. the commission for energy regulation has to spend the coming months it comes to conduct a full review on cost and dishwasher the company says it has engaged in a bit scared to come to northern ireland and the rest of the uk and best practice in creating and operational washington state no one has received a bill yet but already consultancy costs for irish water for raising my prices the rain poured down on the streets of dublin this afternoon. a total disgrace. the fifteen minute piece band competition read more. it does appear to be an all time money spent on consultants. tomorrow may be
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plenty of ex student and staff the number of statements from the company the creation of irish will share it said with a devastating loss to the exchequer of two billion euro by twenty twenty one costs of one hundred million euro today to represent less than one percent it said at the cost of providing more services over the next ten years on the current model about fifty percent of the setup costs it said are being incurred on specialist service providers byzantine system development and implementation. after a breakdown of these costs. a spokesperson said it is commercially sensitive the former boss of northern ireland's water basin ounces of irish will disband so fine that i develop a company from scratch. it is known the mortar at least six years in the face and seven the build up an art of the audience and thirty four years before about the kids and on the water i see now i know what the setup nineteen seventy three primarily so that the cutback of those years center that was set up the sediment of money being spent. unfair question survey as to whether more should be done to keep specialists
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working with in the service my knowledge been very good structured career which makes it attractive to these people to stay inside the service or even as they have agreed to move in effect the surface so what happens is they learned that they or their spores in the service after work to gain some experience of what to wear their heart plates ensure i keep them in all these consultants the commission for an aged like a nation says it plans to do a full review of all the buyers for its costs during the coming months the menu nineteen eighties it's just astounding by this and let you know what effect that old adage when you're explaining year using the dishwasher is still really struggling to answer all the questions that are at their tactics whitley has the wind and the whole day and night cycle here. when you're fired. yet there had been an expectation that they would if they appear before the accounts committee has seven members including a government members had asked him to appear before them today. what's a consummation
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perceiving that they belong to appear before the inquiry committee on tuesday that they had been due to appear before the apartment lease of the eleventh of every but i think the rice was on the wall it just wouldn't hold onto that they are going to have been and clarify for it that their position that the chairperson of the commissioner michael mccarthy as he said that he say that they're going to have to clarify how it is fifty million euro was spent to sanction this and what exactly it was on that date to be a very fair i think it's great to say and quilting examination and extended zach activity. i think pretty safe from. tt's as well because there is some irritation. they've been in government or the nt government said that before this happens because remember back the cylinder to have a feel good to be on the today but to evoke show yesterday and many tt's from across the bridge effect of making the point that he had been seeking the answers for some time but not getting anywhere no spokeswoman for irish or does it state that it would be dry and harold had a nice
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scene and they would have to be to wish your politicians but also the because this is after all of the party that sees those in charge of pills was to charges that are going to come into people's homes fox is a from next january martino. most being questioned in two more in county waterford following a fatal stabbing last night's twenty five george michael dwyer from kilkenny died after rachael in the heights that the seaside resort. sci fi and housing is a tantrum or is now the scene of the country's latest by an in depth. nine nine nine call was made around half a dozen last night. when guardian an audience who rise to his rented house. they found a twenty five year old man in a critical condition. he'd been stabbed. the victim michael o'dwyer is understood to be visiting a friend here was the number of others. they've been together yesterday. some residents in the states who didn't want to go on camera so they heard what sounded like a party going on in the halves. the victim i
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coach the wires are actually from kilkenny city but had been living in stony search for some time. it's believed he knew his attacker. michael dwyer was taken by ambulance to watford regional hospital but died of his injuries shortly after one am the status of the state innovative really sad. i so want us to consider. the man who guard the rest of the house after the iranians is thirty two years of age and also from kilkenny. he was no michael o'dwyer for a number of years. this has to house inquiries were being carried as tardy briefs immediate threat of the day at this stage. they say they're not looking for anyone else in connection with the dance. the other people around the house last night having interviews. not having to argue with their inquiries. charity are appealing for anybody with information which may help them to contact them immediately. miniature nrg news for more. a brother and sister have the pnp for dublin district court jury took the measure of sixty three year old thomas warren
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he has come down to just hold senior citizens housing complex in moving into on monday morning twenty six out of commons and sabrina cummins has had his six but the marines and to dublin where remanded in custody the brother and sister will drop like goldie from tony book and understand stations to the dublin district court this morning. twenty six year old kevin collins and his sister sabrina collins whose ten years older. both been charged with the murder of homes for. the sixty three year olds died after he was violently attacked in his own home in the early hours of last monday morning. his body was found in the bedroom of this ground floor apartment here in cambridge court the senior citizens sheltered housing complex dreams and in dublin. to guard the detectives brian hunter and david logan gave evidence of arrest charge and caution. he told the court that both qantas and sabrina commons were arrested in cumbria on wednesday
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afternoon. both were charged with the murder of thomas core and slice. neither made any reply to the charge solicitor michael friends told the court that he had been in constant contact with sabrina comments on the seriousness of the situation and not that tall stone. both she and her brother thomas hogan to free legal aid. and judge michael was directed that they receive the appropriate medical attention while in prison. the forum on to them in custody to appear again here next thursday. for adults fourteen use the dublin district court the latter's first minister peter robinson has rejected comments made by his previous us or ian paisley who accuse the irish government of provoking the dublin and monaghan bombings in nineteen seventy four in which thirty three people died. this troublesome will visit them today so the people response or those who come to the balms and no one else the justice for the forgotten group said it was shot by doctor pays these comments new beginnings on an old
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clean up the headquarters of a group of one of dublin's showpiece industries. an online archive of ireland's first word or act which was something today the department of foreign affairs essentially involved of the polish deli launch the project here the evidence of changing tides. the chemists chain face most senior minister of northern ireland's power sharing executive was against so too was peter robinson the dup leader as well as northern ireland's first minister. someone that both know thirty weather has been causing controversy in his views about the dublin mama and bombings. cooper on and on them. channel whose people in their own political leaders. the main door. and what they have returned to normal now dump. and at that time and then the two doves a of the show go on and on and
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most ridiculous but i think will appeal but that he didn't pay it is not in almost eighty years of age he is elderly. well to present our odessa but the cost. i disagree the summer but he was responsible for the job with bondholders what we believe the police intelligence and let it come of age group also includes a bike which took so many lives i was also surprised by our common to be made in terms of supporting david cameron's comments on the grizzled in the criticism although of course there were things going on in terms of up to mom's house is always that the kids of course he knows what disapproved of the position adopted by they guys come about. about time but the people who were responsible but they had debts of over thirty people innocent people and all the time on top of that would elicit on to the ball the one that's been killed or spend time with his northern guests today he'd like to see them make progress on the proposal was dropped a quite us diplomat richard house. he believes this could be to
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the publication of sensitive documents on controversies i could tell that mom and bombs i typed in depth information about the coastal cities included in the us government we have all the eating out we told us that these provide more than in the house and he thinks is no safe place to teach kids the process for dealing with a cost of the peak of what we need to know that these two bikes a gutted about it somebody to go over to trying to tell is more to political parties the controversy close by in case they may quickly cool way. the signs out the impasse over richard house. menon. last fall to totally jaws is not only peter robinson not wasting much time and putting some clear blue water between themselves and ian paisley relations these columns of the double amman bombings the strike by an undead the comments of that much wickedness there were interesting as well. we all voted in our trade. sometimes things come out wrong
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sometimes things to say that the way that's incense that i'm tired from not about who's the case with ian paisley. on this location well i think history will remember him as the person who would crawl to the dup serving a party of protest to a party who made peace which in faith and went into government with who wear their traditional enemies ian paisley was the front to post on peter robinson was behind the scenes strategist for the dole to have to remember in relation to ian paisley that he is in is the biggest he had been in a number of times idea being interviewed for several hours i think that i'm sure that that many of those for a post and would regret what has happened in this instance. i don't think it would be held against him for ever and that i think if he had the opportunity he would like to give context those comments. i salute you pensions healthcare group met today to discuss hate to see proposals to ensure
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senior management complying with health policy. among the options on the appointment of a new manager to think it's that of the cost. the current group chief executive entirely from private funds the group but it s all its response on tuesday i helped us bond prices but the chance to get up and go and number of proposals on the tape which can anticipate capital to how we have to get the idea of that ceo pay is being entirely privately funded it's complicated because we have for our board meeting of the sentences of ten bluebonnets and did they. i think they have some solutions there and on the discussions they were proposals regarding the salaries of trees senior stuff up. also new governance arrangements and all the poles apart of their salary privately funded but there's no charge but donations of bombs and change conceded one of the manager to st vincent's hospital and with that salary paid by the agency and in line with dan and pay rates and then
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also the current group chief executive and ending paid entirely from private funding and that would end the situation we have the seal being paid by both and private sector in terms of governance is complicated because enter a pension rights to and current agency funded salaries. so who would pay the pensions of future if that was an arrangement so if ever a complicated issue another suggestion is for to pay off of certain stuff concern but her contract when the conditions there. this then it goes before the heat at the end i think of any idea and how wet dispose rid of the law twice they might beat what's with these she will choose their representatives of group will meet again the agency to put their response as for the st vincent group will appear before the accounts committee on thursday so the aim is to have the resolution by then and agencies due to meet author section thirty eight agencies later this month all agencies have been told to buy this book because written confirmation hearing on the other pay policy agencies are kelsey watching
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what's happening at st vincent's and see how that is result is that result because it might offer a template for submissions for them to art freckles like it. clare county council has said that the damage coals by the recent storms will cost nearly twenty four million euro to repair. in one area hundreds of acres of land were killed enough to see walker by seymour for levee system was breech indictments are on to the administration of the department of our culture by local farmers have been maintaining them in recent years. they say they can no longer afford to do so the total to be. a conversation you would not expect to hear it in the polls as progress for the love the show material with their assess the flood damage on their land. during the recent storms the levee system that protected the lead here from the plate since the mid nineteenth century was breached and the sea rushed in. no gates and cattle feeders are
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submerged older fight feet of water and signed hb and spills in the shannon walters i decided to end system conceived of torque on tap as much of that win top of the catcher. i have none have no problem o sought and obtained an end and then post surprised cause i don't feel the difficulty of modi and the technician appetite for belly up. i'm keen on sunday kelly had to have coveted seven on the victim's mother of all of the up and down the center crystal clear. so um is the only cause and effect of the land to the committee to begin to see it. off to the eighteen eighties these banks were maintained by state agencies and the land commission since then however responsibility of maintaining the banks has fallen on the debate to a fireman. but then there's the cute though tamil. but it is good news and because the film rights is he would go to the goddess of one breach would be built
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are deposited along great with some of the slave don't know. the farmers say that the laity has been breached and twenty two cases and that the total cost of repair would be in the tens of thousands of euro. they are preparing to apply for funding on to the garment storm relief fund. but say that all the land here will also have to be so whatever to see whatever treats. also when the north sea in use them a scare. twenty five thousand people applied to join and got the shock on the play last night's deadline for applications three hundred successful candidates will spend thirty two weeks training in tampa warren county tipperary before being posted to the crustaceans for further on the job training. a government decision to charge apprentices to use for the ten weeks of the year they spend the college will become an industrial issue is not reversed according to one trade union. the technical engineering and electrical union has warned the craft workers are preparing to support a campaign against
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the fees if necessary the country's seven to house house expenses of one mom to come up with fees of up to one thousand four hundred euro. they want to continue with it raining. i agree that the timeframe but mostly with the imposition of these in the first place. scott card is for the class goes on sale now and become part of all today the technical engineering and electrical union along with the union of students in iran has begun a campaign to have the government's decision to charge apprentice these reversed. the a twisty education. education aims at providing services like high priests at best as he contends the main medical science is available to apprentices and the workplace there and on campus for for a short time. we also see the bean trees as i can see that it has access to grants to state assistance funds are anything like a box mix cake stands eighteen eu says this will become an industrial issue if it's not sorted soon
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i am not afraid to take a listen and be prepared to ensure that this tax levied against them on the craft workers across industry who these offences were fifth of may that year. but in the course of time to press them into a difficulty whatsoever. the cost for years with support from crossing the street both and private sector. gaza to his campaign launched today said they simply wouldn't be able to pay the fee costs and international tourists. hats off to alter them. curiously today granny tea and forthcoming european elections comes to see what cost to build a joint campaign against the fees even though it's her party and government officials and post them. and kelley fourteen use. when you throw at it again. but for now. i
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